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Tips to prevent obesity Child

Glad to see that children grow fat? Instead, you begin to get rid of these thoughts. In fact, obese children are vulnerable suffer from obesity.

Now, if you have a range of diseases attack children. Try these tips to follow to prevent children from the risk of obesity.

- Forcing children to eat or drink may already be satisfied with the reason "that has unfortunately been removed. Better to teach him to take food to taste.

- Make sure children eat breakfast, so she gets enough energy to learn at school.

- offer a variety of foods such as grains, vegetables, fruit, skimmed milk, lean meats and nuts.

- Consult a doctor if there is a problem with the eating habits and weight.

- Cook with less fat, mislanya with grilling, steaming, boiling, instead of baking.

- Limit your sugar intake.

- Drink water or skim milk, avoid the consumption of soft drinks (soft drinks), or fruit juice (contains fructose / fruit sugar high).

- Come on, take the kids out and active!

- Involve the whole family in activities such as health walk, bike, swim together, play basketball, outdoor activities such as climbing, and outbound.

- Parents are primary role models for children. Give an example by creating a healthy eating environment and an environment that actively move. Parents not too picky about food, children can imitate a parent who likes good food but calorie.

- Involve the whole family, including grandfather, grandmother of the child, so they will know that the child is in the treatment of obesity (food), but is controlled so as not to hinder growth.

- No drug is declared safe to obesity in children under 12 years old. This should be rectified by changes in lifestyle.



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