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Working at air-conditioned room, make rough & red skin

Wulan Tilaar
I'm Dini in Surabaya, my age 23 years. I have a complaint that my redness of the skin, rough, often peeling when scratched. But only partially around the cheeks, under the eyes, and near the nose.

To overcome this, I have been using moisturizer every night. But if I do not use a moisturizer at night, morning I again a dry skin, red and peeling.

During this time I worked in air conditioning, for about eight hours in the room.

I wanted to ask if this issue with my skin condition now? We are the solution.


Hi Mrs. Dini, I try to help, complaints and problems Mrs. Dini . You have a tendency to sensitive skin and dehydration. This could occur due to the impact of your work for about eight hours in the air, so this will lead to reduced levels of natural moisturizing factor (NMF = Natural Moisturizing Factor), which shrink elimination of sebum and sweat causes, and reduced water content in the cells epidermal cells.

In short, Biokos products made from high quality natural ingredients that are safe and comfortable to use even for sensitive conditions. Biokos have a special series for the treatment of sensitive skin, but can only be found on salon treatments (not sold retail).

Cosmetics is meant that contains chamomile, which can prevent the occurrence of skin irritation, making it safe for all skin types including sensitive.

Ok Mrs. Dini, good luck to you, or it can open our website and www.biokos.com www.marthatilaarspa.com.


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