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Beauty or Health?

Which you choose, spend more money for health or beauty? It turns out, British women prefer to spend money on beauty.

As soon as illustrated by a study in which 3000 women aged between 18 and 65 years old, conducted by the Benenden Healthcare Society. They tried to look at women in general motivation when shopping.

To note, a British woman to spend the funds amounting to 336 pounds, equivalent to Rp4.8 million per year only to the equipment makeup, skin care products, and buying her.

While only about 228 pounds, equivalent to rp2, 75 million to buy vitamins and exercise needs. Similarly, as reported by Genius Beauty Monday (02/14/2011).

As much as 75 percent of British women admit very excited to come home with a variety of beauty products, while only 41 percent claimed to hunt items that are beneficial to health.

A spokesman for Benenden Healthcare Society recommends that women about beauty, gives a warning sign on the welfare and health. He warned that the obsession with fashion trends is only a "mirage" in which our bodies need more attention and support.


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