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Diet drink whiskey, Recipes Slender Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga
Everyone will doing healthy diet by keeping the intake of food is consumed. But not so with the controversial singer Lady Gaga. For the slender body, the singer of "Telephone"is exactly do diet drink.

It is commonly known as the 24-year-old singer is a fan of alcoholic drinks which he believed to aid creativity. But for the sake of having a sexy body, a famous singer in a song "Poker Face" is melakoni diet drink. When he did the effects of consuming too much alcohol to suffer.

Not only that, the owner's full name Joanne Stefani Germanotta Angelina quickly figure diligently to maintain exercise at the gym.

"To the body, my diet was drunk. I live life as I want, I'm more creative by drinking whiskey. But the deal is that I have to work every day. I also do yoga," said Lady Gaga XM to Sirius radio quoted Zimbio, Tuesday (02/22/2011).

Gaga previously created controversy by using an extreme diet. Former manager David Ciemny confess, last year the party melakoni Gaga junk food like cookies and candy, then do not eat all week to her costume. By applying it, Gaga managed to lose 20 pounds or 9.1 kilograms.

"When I (Gaga) told sick, I mean physically and mentally, " concludes David.

Wendy Starland scout added, "The pressure on himself to lose weight is very high."


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