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Prevent Heart Attacks at a younger age

Exercise prevents heart attacks
Heart attacks are not just attacks on the elderly. The disease is now also visits from the younger ones. Unhealthy lifestyle to be a factor.

The death of the former actor and member of the House Adjie Massaid suddenly seems remarkably public. His death was allegedly due to a heart attack futsal. The big question is found in the community with the relatively young age of 43 bubble. Since such an assumption by many parties, heart disease affects more people with advanced age.

But in fact always cases of sudden death from heart attack at a young age often. Now the trend is likely to continue rising. This is not because of lifestyle changes, which generally dilakoni city dwellers. For example, like fast food or eat fast food with high cholesterol, rarely exercise, because it employs, smoking, alcohol and alcoholic beverages high loads.

"Due to an unhealthy lifestyle such as high cholesterol, leading to blockage of the coronary vessels. Thus, the heart is torn stiff and light. finally be fatal. It is as the attack run by a person aged 30 years, " said Director of the Jakarta Vascular Center, Dr. Frans Santosa, MD MD

It is of heart specialists from the National Heart Hospital Harapan Kita, Jakarta, Dr. Isman Firdaus SpJP fiha that can occur while a higher frequency of heart disease in patients with advanced age level, but changing as the life habits, heart disease in all age groups said.

"Everyone can have a heart attack, especially people with unhealthy lifestyles, " he said.

Hart and Miller's Medical Journal, says at least 3 percent of cases of stroke due to the blood vessels of the brain of patients suffered under 30 years of blockade. Only in developing countries such as Indonesia, but also in developed countries, people with heart disease still affects more young.

Coronary heart disease (CHD) was previously monopolized by the parents, especially those aged 60 years and older, but right now, actually there is a tendency by people under 40 years old suffered from age. A study by the University of Russell Lüpkes Minnessota United States, this led to prove. Almost half of the participants who had died at the age of men 48 years.

A heart attack occurs when blood flow is blocked to a section of heart muscle. When blood flow is not restored quickly, a part of the heart is likely to damage from oxygen deprivation and death. "The symptoms of coronary heart disease is usually caused by a sudden and severe chest pain that can not be lost painkillers regularly shaped, " said the youngest heart doctors in Indonesia.

Many causes of heart attacks. Among them is unbalanced lifestyle factors such as irregular exercise, smoking, stress, lack of rest due to dense routines as well as unhealthy diet, such as eating lots of sugar does not comply with the required portion. It could also be because of carbohydrates, fat and protein intake is that, if not controlled can lead to diabetes, which leads to heart disease cause. Other risk factors for heart disease is the innate elements such as family history, age, gender and race.

"The heart may be triggered by assessing also other diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes," said cardiologist from Omni International Hospital Alam Sutera Tangerang, Dr. Mulijono SpJP Dasaad MBBS.

Heart attack explained Dasaad has a few other symptoms than chest pain often replication in the left hand, patients often accompanies sweating, shortness of breath or a feeling like when you faint. "But 50 percent of patients had a complaint that is not typical, " said the doctor, who took the general medical program at the University of Indonesia, entitled "Suma Cum Laude" is.

Dasaad said, coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in the big cities with the number of patients increased from year to year. But although the disease is fatal, but that does not mean the disease is not preventable, there are still ways to heart attacks by adhering to a healthy lifestyle and regular medical treatment to prevent.

"Therefore, if know, patients do not know what symptoms they experience, then, to ensure that patients are examined in the hospital by a cardiologist must look at are. For if the patient only to find out and can cause the wrong assumption Would be fatal, "he said.

Avoidance of risk factors for disease is the most important thing is not getting worse.
A heart attack in less than an hour, which is to kill, why quick action against the signs of suffering heart attacks would save lives and reduce the risk for the heart. The treatment is very effective, which has been shown within one hour after onset of symptoms started.

"A heart attack can save lives and prevent, obstruct, if immediate treatment if started within 1 hour after onset of symptoms, "he said.


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