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Beware, Electronic Cigarette unhealthy!

Electronic cigarette or Elecronic Nicotine Delivery Systems "(ENDS) is mentioned as an alternative to cigarettes are not dangerous, and claimed not to smell smoke. But otherwise, that a cigarette is actually harmful to health. Which article?

Electronic cigarette form of regular cigarettes, but instead of burning tobacco leaves as a conventional cigarette products, using a battery ENDS burning liquid and vapor directly into the lungs of the user. It has been proven by scientists.

Researchers at the University of California have called for the sale of electronic cigarettes ban. They evaluated five brands and found many shortcomings. The most dangerous part of the electronic cigarette is a faulty design and lack of benefits that are not marked.

Unlike regular cigarettes, electronic cigarette with nicotine to produce steam, and not smoking. So, apart from nicotine, toxic substances, organisms for smokers. Electronic cigarette in the heating process with a special compartment at the bottom of the e-cigarette (electronic cigarette).

Moreover, according to the researchers, could lead to electronic cigarette nicotine addiction is strong because manufacturers tend to make them "more comfortable" because the material is the smell of delicious addictive. Consumers are certainly not aware of these consequences. So that was quoted from Genius Beauty, Friday (2/5/2011).

Rather, the scientific team of the World Health Organization, which regulates the movement of tobacco products to the conclusion that there is no evidence that the electronic cigarette is not harmful to human health.

However, after testing electronic cigarettes last year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found the difference between the level of nicotine in cigarette e-cigarettes and tobacco.



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