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Hypertension Can followed by Diabetes

KOMPAS.com - If the blood pressure above 120/90 mmgHg often, automated risk of diabetes doubled. This when compared with those with normal blood pressure. According to research by scientists from Brigham and Woman's Hospital and Harvard Medical School for 10 years.
The definition of high blood pressure is a measure of blood pressure above normal limits, both when we're relaxed, especially when we're angry or stressed in a certain period.

Diabetes increases the risk of high blood sugar and cause accumulation of cholesterol causes hardening of the arteries. The ends of blood does not flow smoothly, so the pressure to rise. In addition to trigger high blood pressure, diabetes can also be a disease "shadow" for heart failure and renal dysfunction.
Immediately went to the doctor, when we suspect's blood pressure was above normal. This examination is intended to determine the level of risk of diabetes. To prevent the risk of other serious illnesses such as heart and kidney, requested that the doctor did a routine test for patients with high blood pressure, namely:
- Urine tests to check levels in the urine proten
- Blood tests to check whether our kidneys function properly.
- Cholesterol test
- Test the EKG to check heart health.
We also need to know that high blood pressure is not a flu-like illness that can be cured by swallowing the drug. High blood pressure should be treated with lifestyle changes. Rutinlah exercise, prevent obesity, limit salt, and stop smoking.

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