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Slender Secret Victoria Beckham

Having three kids does not make Victoria Beckham's body relaxed. In fact, he seemed much more slender than when not married to David Beckham. It is physically present to impress quite fresh, but nevertheless, many people are wondering what prescription slim woman who now prefer to be the designer of this.

And Posh, honestly say that slim body is the result of hard work and strict diet. In Allure magazine that interviewed him, Posh said, "I wouldn't lie, I'm not the type who will say, 'Oh, I still ate a hamburger'. I just have a salad. And I start each day by drinking a double espresso. Then I practiced with running machine, and I ran as hard as I can. "

35-year-old woman was also criticized other celebrities who claim to eat whatever they want, thanks to their metabolism is good. Because, we also would not believe such recognition. To be slim and healthy body, we have to keep eating and exercise patterns, and that's what other celebrity would do. Indirectly, Posh also denied saying his own mother, who once commented that the boy ate so much, when asked why he was so skinny.

There are other unique things revealed in the interview. Posh also admitted that he always slept without clothes on, and glad to go to bed with her husband. No wonder when asked, which he chose: whether to make love or sleep, Posh said, "I got into bed with David Beckham every night, so there must be something wrong if I say 'sleep'."

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Source: Marie Claire
Source : Kompas.com

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