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Recognize the Early Symptoms of Blood Cancer

Blood has an important role in the body. Therefore, each person that the lack of blood had to be treated quickly. For example, someone mengalalami bleeding lesions and should be taken to hospital for blood transfusions.

The same goes for people who suffer from blood disorders. No serious treatment, a person who has blood disorders do not survive for long. Blood in general, have occurred since childhood, since they arise or are genetic. Despite feeling ill, children generally can not recognize the symptoms in the body. Therefore, the attention of parents should not be lost on children.

"Do not dismiss any complaint of children," said pediatrician Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Edi Setiawan.

Because it can be, complaining the children are the first signs of serious illness. The faster the test, is more likely that the child recovered. If cancer of the blood of children, parents can see the symptoms. For example, he was pale and listless. This made the child lack of red blood cells. Children also have a fever because of infection. "The fever cured if given a drug, but soon the fever again," said Edi.

Other symptoms, such as children who experience bleeding occurred in patients
dengue fever. Bleeding can be a nosebleed, red spots on the skin, and dispose of bloody water.

This occurs because red blood platelets were very low. Leukemia can spread to other body parts like liver, neck, gums, testicles, and bones. "We must take into account whether the child complains of pain in the bones," said Edi.

In blood disorders such as thalassemia and hemophilia, the bleeding can be done by inspection of the mother or father. Tests "The disease is incurable but can be prevented, ie through pre-marital," the child to specialists in hematology Cipta Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), Pustika Amalia Wahidiyat.

Premarital examination is important because thalassemia and hemophilia patients has the potential to reduce disease in future children. Based on the data center thalassemia Jakarta, there were 100 new patients each year thalassemia. The trigger is the lack of awareness among expectant parents to take the exam.

Similarly, patients with hemophilia. Hemophilia is more common in men, boys, girls are the characteristics of the carrier (operator). A woman can give birth to children with hemophilia company. The man with hemophilia who married the woman will give birth to daughters normal company.


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