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It is the fattest man lost 127 Kg

Paul Mason, the world's fattest man, weighing 317.5 kg, published autobiography. In a book that will be released, the journey, he shares his secrets for weight reduction.

Mason (58) is a retired postman in England that brought down its weight to 127 kg weight of 444.5 kg in the previous year. It has recently undergone gastric bypass surgery that aims to reduce the volume of the stomach.

Gastric bypass operations commonly done in developed countries for people who are overweight. The aim is that patients always feel full, provided that less volume of food and also reduces the absorption of nutrients by the small intestine so the body gets reduced calorie.

Mason began writing his book when he was in postoperative care at St. Richard's Hospital, UK. Although his weight has been greatly reduced, is still the fattest man in the world.

Mason could spend every day 20,000 calories, or eight times the average man's meal. I was so fat, firefighters had to knock down the door for him to hospital.

Fattest man Manuel Uribe was the previous record (43) in Mexico. Reduced weight means of which weighs 544 pounds, because I wanted to be married last year.


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