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5 Signs You Eat Enough Vegetables

Besides macro nutrient intake, consisting of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, also encourages us to meet the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), which among others can be obtained from vegetables and fruits. Eating fruits and vegetables also can meet the needs of fiber in our bodies.

The vegetables are consumed in order to give maximum benefit, ideally there are 5 servings of vegetables in menus for children, or about 400 grams per day. How to evaluate the consumption of vegetables you've met?

According to Harry Apriadji Wied, nutrition and culinary consultant natural and healthy, for simplicity, adequacy of vegetable consumption per day can be seen in the indicators in Chapter 5 yakti SECTION (bowel movement) is characterized by:
1. You can do each day.
2. Out automatically (without having to press both).
3. Two minutes is complete.
4. There is an overall feeling.
5. Floating stools.

If the indicators are met, especially in question has been eating fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities to every day. There may be a person who was eating lots of vegetables in a serving, but the body still think less, because the indicator has not happened CHAPTER 5 as mentioned above.

That also should be remembered, the recommended consumption of vegetables each day at least three colors, ie green, orange and white. Example: bean soup (which represents the color green), carrots (orange) and mustard (white). They eat only one color of vegetables such as green only, although every day and even less balanced.

Someone mentioned the consumption of vegetables each day can cause uric acid. Is this correct? "Obviously wrong," Wied.

Maybe you have had gout before, but certainly not the cause of green vegetables. In fact, vegetables that contain purine accused as ringleaders rise in uric acid levels in the body, but the purines contained in the amount of green vegetables "modest" until they can raise uric acid levels significantly.

Moreover, there is also the view of the vegetables consumed in large quantities can cause constipation. "That's not true," Wied.

This can occur if the consumption of vegetables every day does not correspond to the consumption of sufficient amounts of liquid. Because vegetables are usually high in fiber, if not balanced with the liquid will be "hardened". This is what causes constipation.

"So instead of vegetables, but consumption of less liquid," he said.


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