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Body Signs Need Sports

Also delayed the intention to exercise? If half of 5 below the sign that has experienced, there is no reason to leave intact the dust sneakers. Below is a condition that may be "warning" that it is time to stop postponing his intention to run for the exercise:

1. Out of breath climbing stairs
If used to ride the elevator, which they sometimes try up to the office by using the stairs. There is no need for high, two-story enough. If only half the road has started breathing, and immediately establish a schedule for exercise.

When performing intense physical activity, rapid pulse and body need to increase oxygen. Wheezing indicate lack of oxygen to your body. Useful exercise routine blood circulation and deliver oxygen throughout the body.

2. Council prolonged weak and listless
Feeling slowed down and limp would not go away, even after resting, may indicate that suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome. One type of treatment recommended by experts is to sports. Exercise will help increase oxygen levels in the body and produce the hormone endorphin, which can bring pleasure and healthy.

3. Thinkers often end
If physical activity is a powerful aid blood circulation throughout the body, including the brain. Thus, your brain receives a supply of oxygen and water needed to function properly. Therefore, the lack of blood flow could cause the brain are blocked by what trouble accessing information.

4. Do you have trouble sleeping
Sleep problems like insomnia is often caused by mental disorders that cause difficulty to relax the body. According to Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., penulit Cortisol Connection, sport is a very effective way to relieve stress.

5. Always with the flu
Influenza disease caused by a virus that attacks the body defenses are weak. To avoid this, the body's immune system needs to be strengthened by exercise. Regular exercise is helpful for improving the function of the lymphatic system and increase levels of leukocytes, white blood cells in the immune system works to fight infection.


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