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Besides being used to maintain and improve stamina, health supplements are now popular for the treatment, but apparently, most of the information known to the public about health supplements are still limited and less effective, more focus to its superiority. Whereas consumers are entitled to more accurate information about the product. Like when or on what conditions the new supplement is needed, what dose, what the risk is if the supplement is consumed exceeds demand.
Almost all health supplement manufacturers harness the power of important substances contained therein as utuk promotions increase sales. But from what source materials were taken, not always included. For example, vitamin C. The true source of the fresh fruits and vegetables. But did you know that there are supplements of vitamin C is taken from the asphalt base material or oil, which can poison the body? Imagine if our knowledge about the vitamin C was limited to cold stress and ulcers, and we drank in high doses because it considers all the supplements of vitamin C comes from citrus fruits.
The standard dose is determined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), drug regulatory authorities and food in the United States, nor is it a guarantee of a safe supplement product for everyone. Because the FDA itself is not at all a test, analysis or otorisasipada supplement products before the products launched to the public.
Therefore, do not delay. Now is the time to be critical of the body and health needs of our own.

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