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Reduce Salt To Longevity

Salt is digit of the elements necessary in every cuisine because of its duty as the taste. But we also know too much sense to consume this poster will be dangerous for our blood vessels. Actually, how strong our embody can \"accommodate\" the salt?

Epidemolog metropolis R. Cook and his team conduct research Trials of Hypertension Prevention (TOHP) conducted in digit stages. The first initiate is the end of the 1980s and the second initiate in the early 1990s. The first phase of the study, focusing on four issues of stress management, healthy eating, and reduced salt.

Whereas in the second initiate focuses on weight expiration and salt reduction. They involve thousands of respondents 3 consists of men and women. The respondents confirmed no problems with blood vessels and their blood pressure.

Respondents then divided into digit groups. The first assemble were taught to choose foods that are low in sodium, while the second assemble was taught exclusive how to choose healthy foods in general. Both groups were observed during the study salt consumption.

In the first phase of research that lasted for 18 months, respoden in the first assemble in a period consuming exclusive a thousand milligrams of sodium, equivalent to 1 ½ containerful salt. And this measure to spend them from the blood vessel disorders including high blood pressure.

In phase II studies conducted over 36 months, respondents were given directions how to choose foods that are low metal levels, managed to reduce activity to 750 milligrams of metal which is equivalent to one-third containerful resulting in the quality of the blood vessels that prime.

While the assemble exclusive to be told how to choose healthy foods in general, did not significantly affect the levels of metal in the body. Even the 9 per cent of them ease had a heart attack or stroke, whereas those who choose the food to control the metal content is exclusive experiencing the problem as much as 7.5 percent.

In the body, metal is necessary to have the stimulus to our nervous system and to keep adequate minerals remain in the body. But our bodies do not like every that much, including sodium. When the excess will be difficult for the kidneys to remove fluid which then prefabricated between the cells become more numerous. This is what then makes the volume process in blood circulation which then increases the push in the blood or plural we call hypertension.

The recommended pane of ½ - 1 containerful in a period is a salt taste that we may enjoy. But for us who have kidney problems and high blood pressure, innocuous dosage of most ½ teaspoon.

Source: Kompas.com

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