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Best Time Consuming Vitamin

Some say, vitamins should be consumed in the morning or evening. There is also a saying, should be attended by the consumption of solid food vitamins.

According to Barbara Paulsen, Chief Editor Health Magazine, the consumption of vitamins can be finished anytime soon as we remember. Therefore, only a little difference if the benefits of regular vitamin.

For those who want to take vitamins regularly, it's good listening to some tips below:

* Consumption of vitamins with food to support the impact of absorption by the body.

* Impact of shackle pills hard to stomach. To reduce the impact, it is worth taking shackle pills with food.

* The vitamin E is mostly covered in fat. To obtain a greater benefit, consume with liquid fat, like a glass of milk.

* Better metal doses of 300 mg or less compared with mengasup metal in large numbers. It is better to add 10 percent if the dose of metal with food or seeds because it can support the impact of absorption by the body.

source: kompas.com

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