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Mu Tong Herbal Drugs Suspected Cause Urinary Tract Cancer

Taipei, island researchers found an connexion between increased activity of herbal medicines from China Mu Tong with high urinary biome cancer cases. Common herbal creation utilised to treat the disease and it was a cause of disease is not safe to eat.

China herbal creation that contains aristolochic acid, or in China known as Mu Tong is utilised to treat hepatitis, urinary biome infections, eczema and others. However, recent studies say it aristolochic acid cause cancer of the urinary tract.

Researchers encounter the fact that after analyzing the scrutiny records of patients who have 4.9594 diseases and urinary biome cancer compared with 174,701 other people without the disease.

In the Journal of the National Cancer Institute is publicised by Oxford University Press, researchers say that those who undergo from urinary biome cancer was often consume herbal medicine from China Mu Tong.

Those who ate Mu Tong has a risk of urinary biome cancer are higher than those who never ate these herbal medicines. Mentioned also that the higher dose of the herbal medicines consumed, the higher the cancer cases that may occur.

The study led by Jung-Der Wang from the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene in the National island University showed that herbal products are based aristolochic acid is dangerous and should be banned.

\"We recommend that the drug was illegal and a analyse carried out routinely on herbal medicines other China that contain these herbs. Patients who have taken herbal medicines that should be monitored continuously,\" said Wang, as quoted from Health24, Wednesday (23 / 12/2009).

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