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Fish Therapy cause infection?

Fish Therapy
Now days, the world of beauty and health introduced a unique treatment, fish treatment . To attempt, then you know more about the treatment of this one out.

This treatment is unique. The reason, pamper and relax the audience simply by putting the foot in a container containing a collection of small fish that will suck the dead skin cells on the foot contains.

Fish therapy can smooth your feet and circulation. No wonder if the treatment is gaining popularity in various countries ranging from Asia, Europe and America.

But in the middle of the ritual indulgence, health researchers in the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA) warns of the danger of infection of the feet peels are eaten by fish.

HPA said it was the latest information on the risks of such therapy to be assessed before the guidelines for spa treatments. As written Reuteurs reported by Yahoo News, Wednesday (02/03/2011).

Now is the therapy of fish is prohibited in several states because of health and safety.


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