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Sterilize Intestine Help Lose Weight

Tired with a sickening diet diary, while the results are not effective? Just try letting your gut bacteria work. Fat is lost, the body was sexy.

For some people, after the training session is a tiring activity to lose weight. However, the obsession has a slender body still in sight.

Well, menjembataninya, try the following simple way. Leaving your gut bacteria are working hard to get rid of excess fat in the body, says a recent study.

Yukio Kadooka snow, a dairy in Saitama Japan and colleagues have found that an increase in a particular type of human gut microbes can help people let go of obesity.

In the study, researchers gave 87 volunteers who are overweight with 100 grams of fermented milk used to make yogurt twice a day and they still remain a normal diet as before. Milk is drunk half of the volunteer groups are enriched Lactobacillus Gasserian. The results after 12 weeks has elapsed, the volunteers lost an average of 1 kilogram, while other colleagues who do not drink milk showed no change in weight.

The scans showed that they had 4.6 weight percent of the bad fat that surrounds internal organs and is involved in the metabolic syndrome, and 3.3 percent of their subcutaneous fat loss. Other amazing strength, their hips and waist circumference decreased an average of 1.7 and 1.5 cm.


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