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Butter vs. Margarine, Which one is better?

Once shopping at the supermarket, you may face a choice of butter or margarine. Both are capable of cake flavor or kitchen, but both have different amounts of fat calories that will definitely affect your body.

Initially we thought margarine was better than butter because it is made ​​of oil and has less saturated fat than butter. We know that saturated fats are bad cholesterol, low density lipoprotein (LDL), the risk of cardiovascular disease may raise.

Then we change the assessment as trans fat margarine. This fat is even worse for your body than saturated fats. Trans fats not only increase your LDL but also lower the good cholesterol (high density hipoprotein / HDL), which eventually double the trouble for your heart.

Fortunately we now have more options available. However, both butter and margarine are the fault of each is more than just a high fat content.

Whipped butter is the best choice of butter lover

Formulation of butter has not changed much over the years, still made from cream and still the high saturated fat content. The nice thing about butter is the absence of artificial or chemical ingredients.

One of them you can get whipped butter, real butter is beaten in the air to be processed. Butter has less calories and fat per serving than regular butter. Taste remains the same with butter, whipped butter is so clearly the best option for lovers of butter.

Rubbed Margarine is better than stick margarine

On the other hand, the formulation of margarine has grown substantially and constantly changing. Most, margarine sticks were replaced in the form of margarine rubbed. The reason, companies have no partially hydrogenated oil changes the same way to retain its shape. To know how bad the partially hydrogenated oils for the body, most companies change their products to eliminate or at least the amount of hydrogenated oil they use.

Check out the guidelines to choose margarine is better for you, such as the Self Reviewed:

  1. Look for margarines with 0 grams of trans fats. You can see on the nutrition facts panel on the packaging.
  2. Read the list of materials used, if "partially hydrogenated oil", just skip and try another brand.
  3. Add saturated fat on nutrition facts panels where the levels should be about 2 to 2.5 grams or less than this amount each section. If larger, margarine may contain a lot of palm oil.
  4. See a list of natural ingredients. Although many current margarine better for you in accordance with nutrition facts, many companies have used artificial materials. It is best to processed foods to a minimum.

Yes, the best choice is margarine rubbed. Many brands that are good for your health conscious, you just look better.


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