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Obesity Makes Brain Shrink

For those of you who have a swollen abdomen circumference, then it was time for introspection. Since the last survey in the United States said that obesity is the brains shrink.

Scientists from the United States (U.S.) was a sad conclusion that the brains of overweight people began to deteriorate at the age of 40 years, as revealed in a recent study published in Health magazine away.

The study involved volunteers aged 40-60 years. They were divided into three groups according to their weight (normal, overweight, obesity) and asked a number of complex problems. Vibrance of their brains was measured using magnetic resonance imaging.

The results of the solution shows little difference in participants from all three groups, but MRI showed reduced parietal lobe function in obese group.

Scientists say that the problem of overweight people in different jobs than people with normal body weight. Moreover, the level of brain atrophy directly related to the Body Mass Index. So that was quoted from Genius Beauty, Wednesday (02/03/2011).

The researchers also demonstrated that an individual is overweight, atrophy of brain tissue to grow in some regions like the frontal lobe, hippocampus, the frontal callosal convolution, and so on.

Compared with people of normal weight, this region has a volume of eight percent less brains. Moreover, from other scientific studies, obesity increases the risk of weak minds based on age, so the report Health magazine.


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