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Art of eating fruit as needed

Art of eating

Eating fruits showed the art requires. So that the benefits of fruits reached the limit, you also need attention, and events that took place pay.

The fruit is supposed to health characteristics. Nutrition, vitamins and minerals are in very pour. Therefore, instead of taking supplements on the market chemicals, inadequate dietary intake of fruits to the maximum. Most importantly, set the part of the requirements you need and this is the contekannya, as written in the Times of India.

In general

Provide a bowl of whole fruit on the table or in the refrigerator. Dice-sized piece of fruit or oblong (as fruit shape) and store in refrigerator for later preparation. Buy fresh fruits according to season, so you quality and best price.

For the best nutrition

Make the best choices by providing fruit in the entire piece instead of a glass of juice. The content whole fruit is more effective in delivering extra fiber in your body. Choose fruit with a high content of potassium such as bananas, apricots, melon and orange juice.

When eating

At breakfast, add your cereal grain with a piece of banana, blueberry pancakes and add to drink orange juice or orange juice original 100 percent. While at dinner, add crushed pineapple or mandarin oranges or grapes smooth in your salad to take. Try to serve meat with vegetables such as apricots with a sprinkling of chicken with mango sauce.

As a Snack

Cut the fruit as a snack instead of big size. You can bet pineapple, melon or grapes. Dried fruits can also be an alternative snack. Dried fruit is more easily transported and stored. ¼ cup dried fruit so much food equals ½ cup of other fruits.

Fruit for kids

Children learn to eat fruit every day is important so they are familiar with various flavors of fruit. Give fruit instead of snacks for them. As a best time, offer a variety of fresh fruit variant in children during lunch. You can adjust to children. If they can go shopping at the supermarket, let them pick their own fruit they want to try at home.

To garnish

Hiasai plate or dish that you serve at the table with sliced ​​fruit. Bet on a bowl of cereal with some sliced ​​fruit. Make freshness with orange slices and raisins for the mouth to the sense of smell to attract. Purchase of raisins or other dried fruit may be an option instead of giving candy as an ornament.


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