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10 ways to overcome stress

The threat is always present where and when you stress. The reason could be due to psychological factors as well as physical.

Stress for most people as a ghost that haunts life. His presence is often undesirable and can strike at any time. Lifestyle factors and the shackles of the daily routines often give birth, no stress, we thought. If you already attacked by stress, here's a way of getting rid of it, as reported by Idiva.

Change the atmosphere

If stress is put in your mind, yourself in a different environment for five to 10 minutes. If you're used to reading or typing on a table, occasionally to a bench outside. Setting a new atmosphere to call your senses and get rid of your stress because you're a new impetus.

Start exercise

Start with the movement of light exercise such as jumping up and down or shaking hands to create a relaxed body. Physical activity may freshness and prevent you from negative energy. Breathe slowly and deeply to the advent of extraordinary stress prevention.


Starting to write a magazine a few thoughts that bother you cast. Then write actions can help you cope with the burden problem. This method is very effective stress repel a sudden attack.

Maintain a sense of humor

Laugh at least once a day, even if you can as often as you can. Studies show that people with chronic pain illness can be minimized with laughter several times a day.


Take a walk but only five minutes will make updates on your mind and make you more rhythmic breathing. Not only that, your mind is so much more clearly. For more leverage, swing your arms back and forth and draw a deep breath to energy increase. This is an exercise to prevent stress.

Stop all activities

When you begin to feel stressed, stop what you are doing and enjoy a few minutes to breathe deeply.

Say no to any activity that is irrelevant

Reduce your needs and put yourself in the court of comfort to reduce stress. Do not accept every offer activities that are not needed and you do not have enough time to do it.

Keep your workload in the morning

Usually in the morning if you're fresh, this is the best time to complete projects that require concentration to do. So, look at big projects that you live and do a number of steps to accomplish tasks one by one.

Allow three hours per week for your self

Let no one steal your time and privacy. Use the remaining time to carry out your hobby, for example by reading a book that you want and do not have time to read all this.

Live for today

Life for the past and just worry about the future. Enjoy life that was approved today by the best. This is a recipe telling spared from acute stress.


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