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Are pregnant women should consume durian?

Mothers always been a big fan of durian fruit. Now three months pregnant mothers and want to eat durian fruit.

However, Moms of fear, because according to various information that mothers have heard pregnant women are forbidden from eating durian. Is that correct?

Then when Moms can eat durian? What can I eat durian processed products such as dodol, ice, tempoyak?

Dr. Ricky H Binsar Sitompul, spat on Hermina Daan Mogot Hospital explains, durian is actually not a direct effect on pregnancy. However, it contains two substances at certain levels to give effect to the pregnancy. Two of these substances are alcohol and acid arachidonat.

Origin may not overrated

As we all know, alcohol can cause fetal growth disorders. One is a low birth weight.

While arachidonat acid is a compound containing a precursor alias lead to the formation of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins itself is a substance that can stimulate uterine contractions that result in a miscarriage (first trimester) or premature birth (at less than 36 weeks gestation).

However, the levels of both substances in the fruit durian is not enough to cause two effects above. In other words, the durian is safe to eat, fresh and clean with a part that is not exaggerated. Half a whole fruit for example, this is enough.

Products Processed Durian

For durian processed products for both levels of the substance even less as a result of the pregnancy itself is also smaller. However, keep in mind is how the processing and materials that have participated in the process.

Ice for example, contains sweeteners and fat which is high enough. The gullible person. While the baby needs for carbohydrates and fat are not too high. While tempoyak, may therefore be less hygienic processing result in digestive problems

So, during the time that mothers are not overly durian consumption - the amount and timing - no effect on pregnancy. Similarly, food products processed durian. Again note is freshness, processing, related materials and how many servings.



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