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The Secret Between the celebrity and Mr Cellulite

In addition to acne and fat, cellulite is the enemy of almost all women. Whatever one's body size, cellulite can be experienced by everyone, including yourself.

But how can the models and celebrities are like women who are destined to be free of cellulite huh? Wait one minute, who said they never had a problem with cellulite. Celebrities still an ordinary person is not it?

If so, how much money they spend on eliminate cellulite?

Get rid of millions of songs in your mind, because the recipe of Dr. Howard Murad, yes the famous physician, would Mr. Cellulite way of life and you can save money.

"Cellulite is not related to diet or amount of fat in your body. Actually, cellulite is more concerned with issues of skin cells. When someone liposuction does body fat is reduced, but the cellulite sticking to the skin. And you do heavy exercise home is not much help, because the problem is on your skin, "says Dr. Howard Murad expressed as quoted from Timesofindia.

According to Murad, research to eliminate cellulite from the body do not really need expensive creams. Just enough cellulite busting foods, then cellulite in the body will slowly disappear. How this is actually done by the celebrities. Without cream and costly operation, Mr Cellulite deleted successfully.

"Foods rich in lecithin, amino acids, essential fatty acids and antioxidants are foods that can effectively remove cellulite. It will enter into skin tissue, removal of substances causing cellulite, improving blood pressure, provide food for skin cells and make skin fresh look from outside, "added Dr. Howard Murad. The key to get rid of cellulite from the body by eating foods containing these substances, like the following celebrities.

Kate Moss, choosing white tea the best tea antioxidant support. And obtaining egg lecithin, soy, sesame seeds and nuts.

Jennifer Lopez, eating spinach is rich in lecithin, and always a menu of spinach into 3 times a day. Moreover, J-Lo also combine flax seeds, lemon, lettuce, and olive oil to improve its food menu.

Claudia Schiffer, tomato juice rich in lecithin, and reap the antioxidant benefits of green tea. Besides, he likes to eat lemons, avocados and salmon.

Cameron Diaz, on a colorful vegetable soup and green tea to get rid of cellulite and to prevent return.

Jennifer Aniston, in order to comply with the essential fatty acid needs of various nuts, seeds, canola oil, and fresh tuna. While lecithin is derived from cauliflower and eggs.

You do not have the same menu to eat with them. Because the natural patterns and tastes differ. However, at least a portion of the food consumed can right the celebrity inspire you? Preparing to say goodbye to Mr. Cellulite.

  1. There is a current theory that cellulite only occurs in people who eat processed food. There is probably at least a pinch of truth in this, as whenever there are TV programmes regarding primitive peoples or people in regions of the world far off the beaten track they never appear to have any cellulite. Perhaps we all need to eat more natural foods in our diets.

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