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Slim Without Diet with 9 Ways

Want to have a sexy body without the bother on a diet?
Of course everyone wants. If you are interested to do so, follow these instructions.

Agenda diet is an option many people to lose weight and realize their desire for such a slim body, they want to achieve. However, a fairly strict diet meeting women often hesitate to do so. Instead of a diet that actually happened, because the body is ravaged with hunger pains. And the key to the diet is not hungry, but to improve diet and taking portions usually with fixed attention diasup nutrient content.

Well, if you made the threat of famine fear, you should do it as a step below, as written HealtMeUp.

The consumption of vegetables

Research shows that when the food served at the table, we tend to eat more. Therefore, fat-rich foods replaced on your meal with vegetables is the best step. Eat green vegetables more than twice a day and you feel satisfied with the results obtained without much effort on a diet.

Eat slowly

Take a break from the schedule should eat and enjoy your meal with a quiet session. Chew food slowly and enjoy every bite of your food. Ate in haste makes just eat much as usual.

Choose whole grain products, which were not processed

Select the source of whole grains in your daily intake. Food of wheat increases your lipids (low bad cholesterol) and helps you lose weight. In addition, the consumption of all types of grains are healthier.

Focus on your target group

Do you have a pair of jeans that you want to be back again? Or a dress that had long use and no more, because we no longer friends with your body. do Well, if you can use it again, hang the ideals of the highest. Instill the desire that all these clothes fit to use again. So if you are with a tempting food such as chips, burgers, fried chicken and so on face, that desire was fading slowly, because terbenamkan with the desire for your clothes fit again.

Bring your lunch to the office

Always wear a lunch if you work or there is always a box of fruit, if you have a picnic. Then take a piece of bread, low fat yoghurt in your journey. Bring healthy foods will help you get your dream of a slim body. So you can skip the habit of eating in the cafeteria this time and also you can add a dose of meals and menus to enjoy your needs. If cooking to do in the morning in the activities of a hurry, you can try the food memersiapkan last night making it easier for him in the morning.

Drinking Green Tea

to increase still burning Though not confirmed, several studies showed that green tea may be the ability of the body more calories by secondary plant compounds called catechins.

Walk 20 minutes a day

One study showed that walking for 20 minutes per day (about a mile) you can help burn up to 100 calories. So come out of the bus you are driving in before purpose and use of the remaining distance on foot. Use the stairs instead of elevators or parking the car at some distance from the entrance to the mall while you shop.

Eat in small plates

If you do not choose a dish 10 inches, 12 inches, your mind will focus only on this measure. Although the record does not affect the dose of your meal. So the instinct not to eat too much, but you adjust if necessary. To anticipate, use a disk that is not too large, so that the food intake in it too much.

Smart selection of the menu in the restaurant

Eating in restaurants may be able, balanced diet you used to live to destroy. Before you risk your appetizer menu with your friends while eating in restaurants. Then, for half portions ask for reservation in the main menu.

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