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Aloe Vera can reduce Emotions

Aloe Vera
It is easier for the fire that burned a house to extinguish, rather than extinguish the fire in the hearts of emotions, right? It seems that it is true because once the fire broke emotions may also be taken through the house of a neighbor.

Taste saturated, the pressure of work, tired of all fire-induced emotions in your heart. Flame is getting bigger and not easy to extinguish. If so, and you'd better learn to control yourself, or with a psychologist to help you comply. But besides that, there are other ways to help put out small fires. Although not all of outages, at least you can still draw a deep breath and re-check itself.

Some foods that offer rest and cool features will be discussed this time. Wait, not the origin of Cold Food, introduced a refrigerator in your rage that you know can enlighten! Some of these foods is the nature of the cool, refreshing and balancing the heat on your body. These foods should not be able to direct you cool, but the emotional impact is the vine to freeze in your fire. Do not stay longer, let us see what these goodies?

1. Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera santapannya this time will not, in fact you are eating it. Available in canned form, aloe vera can be used as a mixture of ice pieces. Not only the content of vitamin E are good for your skin, but the nature of the aloe vera is food that emotional burden. Do you feel cool and comfortable. A huge fire in your heart slowly began to be frozen by him.

2. Watermelon

No matter the form of juice or fresh fruit, watermelon red bloom will also help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Emotions boil over again balanced with cool and fresh feeling that sets into your body. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, fresh watermelon may be your emotional suppression of food choices. With notes, do not eat too much, because watermelon also has the ability to lower blood pressure.

3. Grass jelly

Everyone knows that black ice was used in this mixture. Derived from the vine leaves, the fiber will help to ease digestion. Not only that, as with other emotions extinguisher food, grass jelly also maintain your emotional balance. But be careful to choose cincau so what grass jelly sold in the market have a high pigment content, which is not to act on your health.

4. Basil

Like thousands of frog eggs in your glass. Indeed, if you will shudder occasionally observed, sometimes even imagine that thousands of eyes looking at you from the sidelines of fresh vegetables and sweet syrup immersion, Basil. This time some of farmers and Basil wrapped in plastic packaging for you ready to add in your fruit ice. Basil is also capable of securities offers comfortable, fresh and cool on you. Even since time immemorial, our ancestors used it to those suffering from a sore throat.

5. Gelatin

Different from a tough jelly and you're choosing. Agar-agar is purely from natural materials and shellfish that may seem a bit boring. But make no mistake, foods rich in vitamin E and fiber is one of the delicious dishes shock your emotions. Also has a cold nature, your emotions are fiery will disappear little by little.

If the fire of anger is growing, looking for places that you calm down. Or it can not hurt to the possibility of ice mixed vegetables and delicious menus to calm anger in himself sharpening.

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