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When diet becomes Bad Choice

When was the last time you complain about the weight? Many people are obsessed with eliminating so many books, even thin people were pleased to find themselves a bit thinner.

Lose weight without healthy efforts are common symptoms of dozens of medical conditions. One of the major risks of weight loss without dieting healthy melakoni is diabetic.

When was the last time you check your blood sugar? You may have high levels of blood sugar, but do not know. In fact, third diabetasi (diabetics) are unaware of their diabetic condition. This means we lose the ability to control and reduce the risk of diabetic complications.

Those who need blood glucose checks

Such as blood pressure, blood sugar tends to increase with age. Your doctor will advise you to do a blood glucose test every 3 years from age 45. Your doctor may recommend that you check your blood sugar more often if you have any of the risk factors below, the City of RealAge:

1. Inactive lifestyle

Sitting all day in the car, sofa, behind the table, increasing the risk of diabetes, unless you exercise regularly every night.

2. Family history of diabetes

If you have a brother or a parent with diabetes, you are more likely to become too.

3. Including ethnicity

Ethnic African American, Alaska, American Indians, Hispanics or Latinos, Pacific Islanders and Asian-Americans are more prone to diabetes than other ethnic groups.

4. Various health problems that

You are more at risk for diabetes if your blood pressure is 140/90 or higher, levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in height, has a cardiac disease, already have high levels of sugar in the blood, and if you are a woman you have the risk of gestational diabetes (gestational diabetes) or polycystic ovary syndrome.

5. Various symptoms

If you see a dramatic increase in the intensity of urination, easy to hunger, thirst, fatigue, weight loss sudden unexplained reason, call your doctor immediately and to conduct audits of sugar in the blood.

Meaning of the numbers in the blood sugar

Here's how to read the numbers on fasting blood glucose results, a common type of examination of blood glucose:
• Normal blood sugar below 100 mg / dL
• Pre-diabetes: the blood sugar between 100-125 mg / dL
• Diabetes: blood glucose 126 mg / dL or higher

If test results indicate prediabetes, be wary but not yet a real risk. This is your chance to keep sugar levels remain normal in the blood and prevent type 2 diabetes. Go ahead!

If test results indicate your type 2 diabetes, the change of lifestyle immediately, diet, exercise, and medication can help you manage your disease and avoid complications.

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