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Women are willing to short-lived for a thin body

Weight and body shape problems proved a serious problem for many women. Some women are even willing to change their age to get their ideal body.

Surprising fact was revealed by a study conducted by researchers at the University of the West of England (UWE). They conducted a study of 320 women aged 25 years on average. The women were asked their opinion about the ideal body and how to get it.

Quoted from Fox News, views of women regarding the ideal body may endanger their lives. Such results, 16 percent of female survey participants said they were prepared to the age of one year after reducing the ideal body shape. While the remaining 10 percent are willing to reduce the two to five years.

Although 79 percent of survey participants have an ideal body weight - even below average they are still not the same view. As much as 78 percent of women actually claim to feel less confident with her body.

What is worse, 98 percent of respondents claimed to be a poor reflection of his performance. Not only that, 39 percent of them claim to do plastic surgery if you have enough money.

The researchers conclude, women dismal outlook on their body shape had a major impact on lifestyle. Worse, it is not only experienced by older women but also young women and adolescents.

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