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Enough sleep and not stress Success Lose Weight

Chronic sleep deprivation and stress is the most serious factors make a person overweight. People who sleep less and live in a state of constant tension, it is impossible to lose weight, even in the most effective diet and undergo a fitness program.

The experts at Yale University, the United States observed 472 people suffering from obesity for 26 weeks. All these people underwent testing low-calorie diet rich in fruits, vegetables and grains, and maintain fitness with the exercise of at least three hours per week.

On average, the volunteers managed to 7 pounds, equivalent to 3.5 kg loss, but they are not getting enough sleep and often nervous, losing only 3.5 pounds and 1.6 pounds, even less than that number. So that was disitat Genius Beauty, Monday (04/04/2011).

Yes, volunteers are most successful in the slimming process are those who sleep six to eight hours a day, and have low levels of stress.

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