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Pigmentation Overcome with cranberries

Black spots and uneven skin tone appeared to be overcome by using cranberries. However, especially in the form of fruit, but treatment with cranberry fruit extract combined in Cranberry Facial CBC Bio Beauty Centre.

"Black spots and pigmentation on the skin may occur due to skin 'cranky'," said Mieke Widyastuty, public relations Beauty Centre CBC.

He said, the skin is "grumpy" because of lack of maintenance. "Although my skin is constantly exposed to sunlight, dust, we also sometimes less attention to nutrition," he added.

According to Mieke, other factors may also lead to the appearance of moles is the use of contraceptives.

"As a result, there is accumulation of dead skin cells, so that from the outside porters seemed dull, his tone is uneven," he said.

Overcoming CBC Bio Beauty Centre offers a Cranberry Facial as a solution. "The fruit cranberries effectiveness brightens skin and make it look more fresh and young," said Mieke.

Mieke said, Cranberry Facial Bio, the process is not complicated. "It took 45 minutes for the entire process so that it can be done during lunch breaks," he said.

The difference with regular facials, Mieke says, Organic Cranberry Facial is a deep facial cleansing with the help of cranberry juice that can be absorbed into the skin cells.

"At the time of cranberry juice works, the skin will feel if interested. This is a sign of skin refreshed after layer of dead skin is increased,"said Mieke.

Cranberries have properties moisturize and brighten the skin of the face, because the content of vitamin C. Another plus, the benefits of Organic Cranberry Facial not only survive for one or two weeks.

"Only 45 minutes, but the results can continue to feel up to three months," lid Mieke.

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