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Stomach Ulcer Pain Remedy

Often we encounter grouping who claim to have been hit by an ulcer. Whereas cases of viscus disorders are not always an ulcer. Many causes, or signs to verify grouping affected by ulcers. One of them is an inflammation of the stomach.

Gastritis or inflammation of the breadbasket better known as lesion disease. In grouping with viscus ulcers or gastritis, found the existence of an irritation or infection or inflammation of the viscus mucosal wall so that the breadbasket wall becomes red, swollen, bloody and blemished or injured. Apart from injuries on the breadbasket wall, was also injured in the intestine 12 fingers.

The attack on the breadbasket itself crapper be either accent or chronic. Chronic inflammation often occurs among older grouping and grouping with fatal anemia. This often crapper drive inflammation in the lining of the breadbasket wall.

Inflammation of the breadbasket crapper strike any person with all ages. Inflammation crapper drive viscus bleeding (hemorrhagic gastritis), so much murder that came out and gathered in the stomach, the patient module vomit murder containing brown same coffee.

In grouping with accent inflammation of the stomach, often complain of a symptom with a feeling of breadbasket discomfort, breadbasket cramps, indigesti, decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting. These symptoms module last for a few hours to several days.

Whereas in patients of chronic breadbasket inflammation has the aforementioned symptoms or discomfort is mild. Often, these symptoms become vague, much as intolerance to greasy or spicy foods. Even if there could be a mild attack module be overcome by eating.

However, the general inflammatory disease of the breadbasket has whatever symptoms are:
  • Nausea and vomiting often
  • Stomach pain, discompose (bloating and difficulty) on the upper abdomen (solar plexus).
  • Appetite dramatically decreased, pale face, body temperature rises, cold sweat.
  • Frequent belching especially when in a state of hunger
  • It's hard to sleep because of discompose disorders in the abdominal area)
  • Head spinning. Inflammation of the breadbasket and the bleeding crapper occur.

In general, viscus ulcers crapper be caused by several factors. Among them:
  • The presence of emotional stress and excessive pressure on someone
  • The existence of viscus acid and pepsin excessive
  • Mucosa (mucous membranes) of the breadbasket could not resist breadbasket acid and pepsin are excessive due to the decreasing ability of the viscus mucosal function.
  • When dining irregular, often too New to eat, or overeat often
  • Too much spicy food, acid, alcohol, certain drugs with high doses

Chronic peptic themselves according to traditional medicinal plant experts and akupunturis Hembing Wijayakusuma, related with the condition and return of bile acids into the breadbasket other. Also whatever other diseases, namely: bacterial infections, anemia, kidney disease, diabetes, and the substances that irritate same drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and so on.

Can Be Used Potion
According Hembing Wijayakusuma, medicinal plants below crapper be used to treat inflammation of the stomach. Among others aimed to reduce inflammation and infections, invigorating the viscus mucosal wall, and reduce the sensitivity of the breadbasket wall, improve the function of viscus glands and digestion in general.
  • 30 grams of fresh temu lawak + 10 grams of dried mandarin chromatic peel + 5 cardamom cooked eggs with liquid up to 500 cc 200 cc left, filtered water, drunk warm.
  • 75 grams of aloe vera leaves peeled + 10 + 5 grams fennel flowers functionary boiled eggs with the remaining 500 cc 200 cc water, filtered liquid + 1 tablespoon honey, warm drink.
  • 25 grams of fresh turmeric 20 grams kencur + + 5 cloves boiled with 400 cc of liquid until the remaining 200 cc, filtered water, warm drink
  • 3 stalks lemongrass + + 15 grains of flavoring galangal boiled with 500 cc of liquid until the remaining 200 cc, filtered water, drinking warm.

You crapper use one of the traditional way on top. Do regularly 2 times a day. In making use boiling belly or enamel belly soil.

@ Suharso Rahman

Source: Kompas.com

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    Gastric ulcer disease - a chronic disease, whose essence
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