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Lack of sleep affects health

Lack of sleep affects health
Do you often forget or difficulty concentrating? When you sleep at night is less than six hours? Well, if it is considered, then no doubt you sleep little.

Yes, lack of sleep, consciously or not, can a person difficult to clearly and unable to think to suppress. Generally many people who sleep less are not aware of the consequences of lack of sleep greatly affects the mind and mental health.

In fact, sleep is not just rest the body. More than that, the sleep has been shown that memory, vision and ability to learn to improve.

"When sleeping, the same as you save energy in the body," says Barry Krakow, MD Webmd.com the page.

Author of Deep Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to sleeping through the night is, at rest, the body tries to recover.

"This is what man is able to perform activities, both physically and mentally, " he added.

Enough time to sleep is crucial that there is much underestimated. She did not know that lack of sleep can affect the various things that harm themselves. Call it a thinking process is slow.

The experts who examined the matter of sleep found that decreased sleep time may result in a low concentration and alertness. The low concentration and alertness than hinder performance and make it difficult problems to solve logical and rational.

Lack of sleep can result in a reduced capacity to make decisions. The explanation is simple: the lack of the ability to assess things and decide sikap.Kurangnya sleep time also affects the ability to learn in both directions.

Because you are unable to concentrate so hard to process the information. Memory or memory is also at stake in this. In themselves the children or adolescents, a lack of sleep makes it difficult to learn and become hyperactive.

They tend to concentration, craft, and lower memory capacity needed to excel in school to lose. Assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Maryland School Verceles Avelino MD says: "When a person sleeps, the various things we have learned and experienced during a full day will be stored in short-term memory," he said .

Avelino added, while the middle of sleepy, people often will feel a little forgotten. For example, where he put barangnya.Kondisi because of sleepiness and would deteriorate the memory.

"If you are unable to focus, information received will not be stored in both the short-or long-term memory," said Allison T Siebern PhD, who studies deepening the program on sleep hygiene and insomnia at Stanford University.

In addition to the different circumstances previously mentioned, lack of sleep is also a reaction time is slower. This possibility, but very necessary, especially when someone driving or doing jobs that require quick response.

Free Road Safety Barriers Administration Office (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) estimates that at least 100,000 accidents reported to the police each year due to drowsy drivers. This incident happened mostly teenagers and adults, especially men.

They are usually part-time employees at night or working on the work is not fixed, and those who experience sleep disorders. Delays in the ability of people to respond will endanger himself.

In a study conducted in 2009, researchers at the University of Texas show that disturbed rest period will hinder the integration of information. This is a function of the mind that depend on the ability to make a decision. The researcher contention, such as firemen, policemen and soldiers are very vulnerable to this feature. Lack of sleep also affects mood considerably.

What makes a person more sensitive and declining ability to control emotions.

"Gradually, this situation affects the relationship, or even one person the job," says Allison.

In fact, patients who suffer chronic insomnia is likely depresi.Ini shows a previous study in 2005 which states that people with insomnia disease 10 times greater risk of depression and 17 times more likely to suffer from anxiety than those who get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep and depression are closely related so that makes experts are also confused determine which of the two States which first came to the patient.

"Sleep and mood affect each other," Allison said.



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