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Two Successful Treatment of Cancer

cancer treatmentCANCER is a word that became the scourge of many people because it contains a recovery rate of less than 100 percent. This modern diseases can be cured with two conditions.

In fact, cancer is not a mild disease, but not without hope of cure. The primary purpose for the treatment of cancer is early detection. The earlier the detection and known, the faster treatment and greater chance of recovery.

"Successful cancer treatment depends on the stage where the patient started treatment. On stage 1-2, the possibility of recovery is 80-90 percent, while for phase 3-4, it all otherwise, "explained Prof. Dr. Soehartati Gondhowiardja, a specialist in radiation oncology clinical discussion" Radiation Therapy for Cancer "in the Department of Radiotherapy RSCM, Jakarta, on Tuesday (13/07/2010).

Terms of cancer treatment should read is multidisciplinary. Not only chemotherapy or surgery as is well known (even a whip), most cancer patients, but also include radiation therapy, pathology, radiology, therapy and support (medical rehabilitation, clinical nutrition, psychiatry).

For example, in the form of radiation treatment for cancer. Radiation done locally and systemically to affect the side effects, including appetite. For this reason, nutrition experts, among others, took part in penanangan cancer.

"Side effects may include dry mouth, nausea, difficult bowel movements, diarrhea, etc, depending on the drug administered. Therefore, before undergoing chemotherapy, for example, patients are given information about side effects and drug to reduce side effects, "said Dr. Sri Wuriyanti, RSCM clinical dietitian.

How to overcome or reduce complaints, said Dr. Lanka, is to provide alternative food options. For example, to the problems of dry mouth, patients are advised to consume milk or fruit juice.

"For your body to absorb vitamins and minerals with the principle of management is the volume a little but often. Then, look at the complete nutritional composition, including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and so forth in each food intake "said Dr. Lanka.

Another important reason why a supportive therapy for cancer patients is important because in addition to the physical, human beings have many aspects in itself, spiritual covering social, emotional, cultural, and more.

"Patients will inevitably feel the effects of treatment, but also depends on how you see the disease. If there are patients who are expected to achieve an optimal recovery point, but because he is excited, then the recovery rate will take effect. That's why we (the team doctor RSCM) try to accompany the foreign aspects of cancer, "said Dr. Siti Annisa Nuhonni, medical rehabilitation specialists RSCM.

Unfortunately, Dr. Siti, most patients have advanced cancer therapy and support must also be more attentive. "If the baby is ready, why not put the process toward death? We all care for patients. For us, the patient is our focus," said Dr. Siti.

"Multidisciplinary treatment not only to cure cancer, but also makes the quality of life of patients is improving. The cancer can be overcome, but what if the second hand can not move or during treatment, nutrition continues to decline ? Hence the need for multidisciplinary treatment. However, the final decision is the choice of the patient. What is important, we communicate the information and the delivery of choice for patients, "said Professor Soehartati who is also Chief Department of Radiotherapy RSCM this.


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