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The Consumption of Fiber For a Healthy Heart

fiberI love your heart healthy? Start now to change their eating patterns. Avoid fatty foods and foods rich in carbohydrates multiplied.

In fact, studies have shown, fibrous foods, especially fiber type betaglukan able to reduce bad cholesterol (low densy lipoprotein / LDL) levels. If low levels of LDL in the blood, cardiovascular health becomes more secure.

"Betaglukan fiber, can be found in processed grain products, known as oats or oatmeal. Like jelly oat fiber that can bind fat in the blood and threw it across the land," said a clinical nutrition specialist in Central Pertamina Hospital (RSPP), Dr. Fatma RD Kusuma.

Do not stop there, research conducted in the United States found that fiber from oats or wheat is soluble fiber may reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol without lowering HDL (good cholesterol).

"The glikemi oat fiber also contain low. Thus, oats are very good for diabetics because the level of blood sugar produced after eating very low," he said again.

High levels of LDL is the main cause of increased cases of heart disease. Although there is no faster drug therapy to lower LDL, but treatment with wheat cereal consumption is more healthy and no side effects, although it takes some time.

According to nutritionists and thick glasses, oatmeal is a good source of nutrition because they contain vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper, iron and magnesium. "Rolled oats can be a good source of protein for the body. Our next task is to socialize the community," he said.

For maximum results, every day a person should consume 70 grams of oats. The amount is needed, because if it is excessive it is not possible. One thing that is no less important as lowering levels of blood cholesterol is by exercising regularly.

Cholesterol is particularly virulent, is blamed as a cause of coronary heart disease, because it makes blood vessels clogged and harden (atherosclerosis). As a result, blood flow is not smooth or covered. If the obstruction is the flow of blood to the heart, the place of coronary heart disease (CHD). If carried to the brain, a stroke occurs. It could also impede the flow of blood in the legs, causing the black.

Took note of coronary heart disease deserves attention, because even today still ranks first as a cause of human death. Based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2001, each year there are approximately 7.2 million deaths from coronary heart disease.

The process of blood vessel obstruction is happening faster when more people apply unhealthy lifestyles, such as frequently ate fast food, soft drinks or sweetened drinks too often, and not balanced with white water and rarely exercise.

Other sources of fiber than wheat is also found in avocado, grapes, apples, strawberries and oranges. Avocados contain glutathione and beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids to neutralize free radicals and destructive nature of the fat in the body.

In wine there, like the flavonoids quercetin and catechin serves to facilitate blood flow, preventing the oxidation of bad cholesterol and reduce plaque formation in blood vessels. "Vitamin C in the wine also can neutralize free radicals," he said again.

Whereas a lot of apple pectin contains the type of fiber helps to lower levels of beneficial blood cholesterol. Pectin binds cholesterol foods such as milk, meat and eggs as well as help to stay in the intestine.


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