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Groups of Four People Drinking Milk Required

dink of milkSo many dairy products it offers, which undoubtedly led to confusion when you are going to choose. In fact, there are groups that are forced to drink milk.

Advertising bombards consumers with the lure of thousands of grain mill products. Many potential consumers who ultimately feel the need to eat or buy something because of the ad promises, including milk. Ida M Ruslita Amir Kess, nutritionists of the Association of Indonesian nutrition experts (Persagi) confirmed four critical groups (those who required) consume milk, ie children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and elderly (elderly).

"Children should drink milk in order to support their growth period, pregnant women to maintain the health of the fetus and prepare personnel for childbirth, breastfeeding mothers to maintain the quality of milk production and the elderly to ensure their quality of life taking into account the power of taste elderly began to decline, the problem of dementia or senility, etc, "he said at the launch of SKM Frisian Flag of Gold in the F-Cone FX Mall Jakarta, Wednesday (07/14/2010).

Out of these four groups, the milk is positioned as a nutritional source of support or replacement of foods of animal origin such as eggs, meat, fish, chicken, and others. If the intake of other foods karbhohidrat, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc-you or your child must be sufficient, then the consumption of milk can be eliminated.

"Children sometimes decreased appetite, but you need a balanced nutrition for growth, this is where the importance of drinking milk as a supplement of calories and proteins," said Ida.

Proteins, Ida added, necessary as "Traffic police or a regulatory body that maintain the body's metabolism and organ systems are working well. Young children require more protein intake of approximately 2 grams per kilogram of body weight than adults, approximately 1 g / kg body weight. Therefore, if you want to buy some milk, must take into account the labels on the containers, especially in protein content.

If your child does not want to consume the milk, the mother of Ida suggested more creative process in a variety of milk your baby's favorite foods, like adding milk ice cream, puddings, etc.

"Mother is expected to be creative, using a variety of available food sources economically. Balanced diet consisting of different types of food and milk rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, it helps to meet the nutritional adequacy," he added .

Meanwhile, Ida tells us that more women than men need milk.

"You need someone dependent recycling nutrients or life cycle. The women will play, preparation for childbirth and menstruation, breastfeeding, and so on. The body needs to replace the calories that can be obtained from milk. Pregnant women, for example, requires an additional 300 grams of calories than non-pregnant people ideally need a 2200 gram, "said Ida.


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