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Stay Fit Face Extreme Weather

The heat and erratic rains cause the immune system weakens. It takes special care to prevent disease in the middle of these extreme weather conditions.

Sunny summer morning, not long after, it was raining. Weather extremes, so sebuatan these uncertain climate. This is one of the impacts of global warming (global warming). Not only do people feel uncomfortable with the weather difficult to guess this, these extreme weather conditions also provides a broad impact, serious and diverse. One is the impact on health.

Rise and fall of global temperatures could lead to the emergence of some diseases. Not only children, the elderly were not spared from the threat of an attack of some diseases. Professors of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr. Peter Staats, said that when the seasons change, the body adapt to cope with climate changes in dry season to rainy season. The original dry hot air and, suddenly becomes cold and damp. "These conditions cause discomfort that makes the body susceptible to disease," he said.

According to Dr. Peter Staats, a general practitioner in the Omni International Hospital in Tangerang Alam Sutera, Dr. Grace Hilz, said that usually the season of transition or change of weather, which weaken the immune system so that some diseases can arise.

"Some of the commonly occurring diseases, such as infection by viruses of influenza, diarrhea, typhoid fever, and several other common infections such as strep throat and the other," said Grace.

Influenza, commonly known as flu, is no longer a disease of the community. Some people even experience flu season not only at the end. Influenza caused by a virus that attacks the human immune system. This virus can infect humans go through cough and sputter. Although harmless, the flu often interfere with daily activities, as someone who often feel lethargic flu, colds, and dizziness, sometimes accompanied by cough. However, with adequate rest, the flu usually heals by itself. Except for patients with severe flu, should see a doctor immediately. In the case of the transmission, it is not all that many diseases occur when infectious turnover this season.

Grace explains, infectious diseases depends on whether or not a cause. When the cause of viruses and bacteria, could be contagious. Since the virus was highly infectious, can be through droplet infection (such as sneezing, coughing, etc.) However, if the disease caused by bacteria, usually entering through food or by direct contact.

Any diarrheal illness often occurs during extreme weather like this. One reason is because the number of dust and dirt that have the potential to trigger the onset of diarrhea that is closely related to patterns of regular consumption of foods contaminated food and drink.

"The pain is experienced when these extreme weather conditions, because the power of a weakened body. The weather changes suddenly because the body temperature is changing dramatically," said the doctor, who also serves as the Omni International Hospital Manager Markomm Alam Sutera this.

Grace suggested, when extreme weather events that occur now, it is possible that additional health. Therefore, should boost the immune system, with a break, like getting enough sleep, stay and avoid a lot of smoke. Moreover, the consumption of nutritious foods to eat. If necessary, you can add a supplement if the food we eat to feel inadequate in terms of vitamins. Do not forget to eat enough vegetables and fruits.

Fluid intake also require attention. Keep your body does not dehydrate the body, which means taking no less, especially when the weather is very hot and dusty. "And that is also important to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene," suggested the doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University YARSI Jakarta.

Try not to eat at random, began to feel the resistance when the body begins to interfere or declining. Especially for children, it would be better if the time to bring lunch to school, or for you never hurts to get supplies to the workplace.

In addition to the prevention of food intake is also important to exercise regularly. This exercise is necessary to increase the resistance. Principle, if the break is, the consumption of nutritious foods, exercise regularly, then our body's resistance increases so that not a disease easily.

"But we had better avoid contact when there is a close friend or relative suffering from diseases such as influenza, typhoid fever or diarrhea," he advised.
Do not forget to maintain hygiene and environmental agencies. Like hand-washing habits. Although trivial, was effective hand washing prevent us from diseases such as typhoid fever or diarrhea.


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