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Detox in 7 days (5)

The day starts plan, creating a magazine. Every day, carefully record all changes in the way they feel physically and emotionally. If you experience side effects such as headache, see "How to cope with symptoms."

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How I lost the bubble

Last fall I fell into a rut of unhealthy meals. A Detox promised to be exactly what I had to go back to a healthier diet. So, despite some concerns that will be difficult, I volunteer to try our plan.

I was surprised how full I felt every day. Actually, I was never hungry, although I am sure is coveted biscuits in the first four days. I also experience mood changes. I was particularly cranky after a trip to the store when I saw so much food, I could not eat. But just as with hunger, my feelings are aligned at the end of the week.

From the first night I slept like a diary, early wake-up and refreshed. I hardly ever hit the snooze button as usual. In the week progressed, I was often physically tired by the end of the day, but usually mentally alert.

Until the last day, I noticed differences in body parts, which usually takes place extra weight: my face, arms and waist. My ring went on easily and my pants were free. I lost 4 1 / 2 kg, and I hold them off. More importantly, I am eating less (I learned to be satisfied with less if you chew slowly) and choosing healthy foods. To learn some tricks that helped me this week, see "How to Make Detoxing easy," page 16.

- Rachel Streit, 32, Natural Health Editor in Chief

Learn more about Detoxing

To get more information about Detox Diets and find other health tips, see www.elsonhaas.com, the website of Elson Haas, MD, or to consult his book "Detox Diet (Celestial Arts, 1996).

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