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Detox in 7 days (3)

USED loofah. During showers or baths this week, gently scrub your skin with a wet loofah, natural sponge available at drugstores and natural food stores. A loofah Detox AIDS through stimulation of proliferation and Sloughing off dead skin cells and other debris that collects on your skin.

TRY A Neti pot. If you feel overwhelmed Detox week, rinse the nose and sinuses with salt water using a Neti pot. Teapotlike This device is sold at natural food stores. Instructions in the box describes how to do it. Using the Neti pot to three times daily.

Meet at the sauna or steam bath. If you have access to the sauna or steam bath, use it for two 20-minute sessions this week to help your body sweat of waste. If you do not have access to sauna, standing in a hot, steamy shower for 5 to 10 minutes at least twice a week.

A break from the news. To limit the toxic thoughts that can undermine your health, news quickly observe a period of three to seven days this weekend. Make an effort to avoid news or other emotionally disturbing information from the Internet, magazines, films, newspapers, radio or television. Use your free time to relax and enjoy self-promoting activities such as listening to music or reading a book.

How to cope with symptoms

Although you'll feel less bloated and more energetic by the end of your Detox, it is normal to experience some unpleasant symptoms at the beginning of the week - including fatigue, headache, hunger, irritability, nausea, and - as your body shed waste withdraw from substances that you may be addicted to, such as caffeine or sugar. These symptoms are usually worst during the first two days. Here's how to cope.

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