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It works Prescription Get ideal body weight

Not too difficult if you want a slim and healthy body. You only need a high protein diet and reducing refined carbohydrates. It's been proven in recent studies conducted in Europe.

Who does not want an ideal and perfect body to have. However, for several reasons such as unhealthy diet and rarely exercise, the body becomes more stretched. If you've worked hard to gain weight, but not optimal to lose, a team of researchers from Europe suggest more protein and reducing refined carbohydrates.

This recipe is supposed to be effective to scrape the fat. Between men and women who received at least 8 percent of body weight lost on low calorie diet, those who spent the next six months with a diet high in protein and low in refined carbohydrates are the least likely to get back on her weight.

Participants were divided into different groups with a total protein content to a varied diet, fat in moderation, and the number of different carbohydrates in the category of high or low glycemic index (GI), which is a measure of how quickly food is converted into sugar in the blood meal.

"Are the results of this study was interpreted as a change in diet suggestions for wider use? I would say we still need to be careful because the GI is really not easy and have a device that can be directly used for most people , "said Dr. Thomas Meinert Larsen of the Copenhagen University, a study author told Reuters Health page.

GI was originally developed for use with diabetes, which indicates how quickly the blood can reach the top after one of eating certain foods. Food that is high GI levels, white bread for example, produces a rapid spike in blood sugar levels.

Although the content of such a low GI bread wheat, causing a slower rise in blood sugar that lasted for a longer period of time. Most food labels do not currently covered by the GI content. "There is enough information about the foods that trigger GI available on the Internet," says Larsen.

In a recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, Larsen and his colleagues followed 773 men and women and their families in eight Western European countries. For families, they were randomly assigned to one of five different types of diets and body treatments run for 26 weeks.

There are no restrictions on calories in the diet, but four of the species that the proportion of dietary protein, fat and refined carbohydrates a person's daily food intake spin states. A group without food restriction as a control, the rest being allocated to food with low protein and high GI diet, low protein and high GI, high protein and low GI or a high protein and high GI food.

In the group of participants who are low in protein, people consume 13 percent of calories as protein source. At the high-protein group, 25 percent of the total consumed energy is protein.
Participants in all groups could eat ad libitum. About 71 percent of adults who follow the study completed the study properly.

While about 26 percent of the diet high in protein and low GI excluded from the study before completion, and 37 percent of low-protein diet group and a high GI also stopped in the middle of the road. Among the 548 people who completed the study, only those who consume diets high in protein and low GI increase in body weight (average 1.67 kg or about 3.7 pounds).

When the researchers looked separately at the people in the group of high-protein diet, she found she weighed about a kilogram less than the low protein group. Where the same result holds for groups with a low GI diet and high GI. Larsen stated that everyone is still common sense in applying these principles of a low GI.

According to him, Nutella chocolate hazelnut butter flavor actually has a low GI level compared with cooked carrots, but clearly not including healthy food. For this reason, Larsen said, people should use the GI concept in a food group, such as selecting wheat instead of white bread or brown rice compared choose white rice.

In the meantime, anyone can reduce your calorie intake and lose weight in a short period of time.

"The hardest part is keeping it all," said Dr. David Ludwig, director of the optimum weight for Life program at Children's Hospital Boston, USA.

"Facts have proven that people who are at high protein and low GI diet is the most successful in keeping the weight off is no problem due to sheer will," said Ludwig, who co-authored an editorial in the study notes. "The nature of nutrition and how nutrition affects our biological client may have many connections to how likely are we to obey a calorie-controlled diet," he added.

"People who run a diet high in protein and low GI meal is similar, perhaps because they feel less hungry and more energetic. Or just realize that they are doing (diet) is better. There is no better chance of succeeding if successful weight loss concerns. People also can certainly try this at home, "says Ludwig.

"Adding a serving of peanuts and peas into the food each day and re-eating of processed rice to feed at least as much dietary changes they obtained in this study," says Ludwig.

"If everyone in America can limit two servings of cereal and replaced by a serving of peanuts and a serving of peas, the impact on health is really a great potential is, and that changes within everyone's reach," he said.



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