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Beautiful Organic Cosmetics

Cosmetic Organic
Together with the attack of cosmetic products containing cutting-edge innovation, world of beauty called for a radical change in the green belt to offer.

Global warming is a problem with the rise of the environmental movement, including the beauty of the world to save. Cosmetic products with a high chemical content of the major manufacturers are not considered environmentally friendly because the manufacturing process pollutes nature.

From there was born a new variant, green cosmetics, body care range of cosmetics and environmentally friendly. Organic cosmetics also claimed more effective than the natural cosmetics as they contain 40% more antioxidants.

Moreover, compared with the chemical compound of high cosmetic, cosmetics, green was more quickly absorbed by the body, because the nature of the ingredients are natural. Another advantage, using green cosmetics, we can exposure to chemicals on the skin. Based on these facts, it is fair when it began to turn to cosmetic "green".

In fact, a survey company in the United States lovers care and organic cosmetics increased by 37% in women under 35 years old. The popularity of organic cosmetics is also increasing after a number of celebrities like Alicia Keys and Denise Van Outen to switch to organic cosmetics, including frequent Calmia body care, organic spa in London.

"I chose organic cosmetics, because in addition to secure the body, cosmetics also environmentally friendly," Keys said in an interview.

But now is not just content to be "green" organic cosmetics packaging of a product is also called the same "green" IT.

"I switched to using organic beauty products for health reasons, as well as environmentally," says Chloe Jo Davis, a blogger who focuses on vegetarian and environmental issues.

"But I've learned that beauty products not only have a maximum effectiveness, the package must also participate represent what is inside, and therefore organic beauty products, fair if the packaging is made from eco-products," said Davis .

Opinion Davis supported 40% of consumers who use natural products for their cosmetics. For users of cosmetics, the issue of life is not just about the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin, like what happens on the packaging of cosmetics, once used up, will just sit in shelters or waste into new products through the recycling process.

Results of an independent survey research, Mintel says that one in five women aged 25-34 years in the United States considers environmentally friendly packaging as important as the organic content in the cosmetics they use.

Moreover, the study suggests that a whopping 40% of American women environmentally friendly packaging as one of the reasons they buy certain cosmetics. Beauty industry also directly respond.

Besides the creation of organic standards in a variety of cosmetic products, using natural materials, and to minimize the use of chemical compounds, even more attention packaging techniques, including use of materials like bamboo or recycled materials for packaging of cosmetics .

Call it the face of Aveda moisturizer is packed using a tube of recycled material or organic Pangea soap wrapped in paper from organic fibers.

"We realize consumers are now more cautious, not only in the choice of ingredients in cosmetic products, but also the package," said John Delfausse, Chief Environmental Officer of Estee Lauder.

"Before we started developing a sustainable yang packaging more environmentally friendly, both in terms of production or when not in use," he said.

Not only Estee Lauder, Body Shop also ensure that their products deliver real benefits, not only for consumers, even the environment. Iris Midnight Bottle White Musk Eau de Toilette, Body Shop the latest products, contain recycled material.

According Delfausse does not necessarily mean environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging using recycled materials.

"There are many things that can lead to environmental benefits to be extracted only from the packaging of a product from the issue of carbon footprint, energy efficiency, or how the product will be recycled again after removal," he said, indication of the packing of cosmetics is a kind of waste, most in America.

Delfausse also mentioned, Estee Lauder has established cooperation with various agencies and nonprofit organizations that focus on lingkungan.Salah only Forest Stewardship Council, which provides certification for Estee Lauder cosmetic applicators in wood materials and the make-up pencil.

Meanwhile, the fur on the brush applicator claimed Estée Lauder is made of natural fibers combined with resin from recycled products.

"We have the product in a bag of applicators package are biodegradable cellulose fibers," said Delfausse, which also mentions Estee Lauder has a packaging made from recycled materials such as bioplastics, bioresin, and organic materials such as cellulose fibers are easily broken in naturally developed.

Do not stop there, even cosmetics companies to packaging recycling obsolete products.

"We ask the consumer to return the empty containers through a recycling program. We do this not for the packaging of shelter," said Delfausse.



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