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How quickly reduce stomach, arms, thighs and after childbirth

Thighs and after childbirth
After birth, the body weight of a woman is often a quantum leap. While parts of the body such as arms, thighs and stomach also disproportionate. So, is there any quick way to retrieve these parts of the body back to normal?

Romulus Augustine as the Associate Administrator Nutrifood Research Center provides positive feedback to get back into shape after giving birth to the exercise.

"The important thing, make sure you feel strong and not forced. However, it must be very careful in the first 4-5 weeks after birth because the risk of injury is higher in this period. It is associated with high hormone that acts to loosen connective tissue and muscle during pregnancy, "commentator Augustine, Wednesday (11/03/2010).

To do this, he continued, start with light exercises like walking or biking, and gradually increase the intensity. Remember to always consult a doctor before beginning exercise. And if you are breast-feeding, do the exercises after feeding to reduce discomfort in the chest, and allow time to reduce lactic acid levels after exercise.

Some tips for effective exercises, but not complicated, inter alia:

1. Brisk walking or cycling to burn calories. To be more fun, doing outdoor environment and encourage the baby to move together.

2. Train your abdominal muscles while sitting, lying or standing.
- Make sure your back is straight.
- Remove the stomach to the interior with its mengontraksikan the abdominal muscles and hold for a moment. - Make sure your back is straight during this movement.

3. part of the train hand muscles look more toned and curl movements backlash.
- Stand with your feet apart hip, with a pair of dumbbells in front of the chest with the rectangle of hand position.
- Keep your stomach tight, knees slightly bent and back straight.
- Lean forward about 45 to 90 degrees and pull back with both hands to place the shoulder fixed (not part appointed).
- Return to starting position and repeat.

4. Training the muscles of the thigh and the leg movement of the elevator
- Lie on your side with one leg bent on the ground.
- Lift the other leg to an angle of 45 degrees, lower back. When lowering the foot, keep off the ground.
- Repeat the movement by moving the legs up and down several times.

5. Train your muscles in the abdomen and thighs with leg movement slides
- Lie on your back with your back touching the mat and legs bent, and make sure your feet touch the ground first.
- Contract your abdominal muscles and stretch your legs slowly evil as far as possible (make sure your back is straight and not curved upward). After that, bend your knees again.
- Not as much as 8 to 10 times.

6. Train your abdominal muscles lift the shoulder movement
- Lie on your back with legs bent and feet touching the ground.
- Exhale and contract your abdominal muscles and lift your head and shoulders.
- Hold this position for a moment then lower head and shoulders back slowly.



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