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Diabetes, asymptomatic Do not Wait!

Not a few people with diabetes mellitus who were surprised when otherwise they have diabetes because they do not feel any symptoms. Diabetes developed in stages and do not always cause symptoms. Although there is usually only a few signs. This usually occurs in diabetes type two.
Diabetes Symptomps
Two of the classic symptoms of diabetes often experience thirst and hunger are increasing, and frequent urination. When levels of high blood sugar, the kidneys are no longer able to reabsorb all the filtered blood sugar. The movement of sugar to carry water from body tissues. As a result, the person feels thirsty.

People with diabetes also often feel hungry. "This happens because sugar in the blood can not enter the cell, as a result of cells sends out hunger signals to the brain. The person concerned lack of energy and feeling weak," said Dr. Aris Wibudi, SPPD, KEMD, diabetes experts from the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital in Jakarta, in educating the media event "balanced nutrition to prevent and Diabetes Venceremos" Nutrifood held in Jakarta on Tuesday (11 / 5 / 2010) .

Other symptoms of diabetes are also frequently arises is the cause of weight loss is unclear, tingling, gums red, swollen, tender, blurred vision, feeling like the flu, and so on. However, Dr. Aris recalled that diabetes is often asymptomatic.

That's why we have to do blood sugar checks at the tender age of 30 years, especially for those that are included in high-risk groups, ie family history of diabetes, overweight and over 30 .

"Do not wait until there is a new symptom of verification, as it was six years too late. Especially when it comes to frequent tingling, you're 10 years too late," said Dr. Aris.

High levels of blood sugar is a serious condition. But, if diagnosed early, complications can be avoided. "The intervention and lifestyle changes and adjustments akivitas diet can prevent deterioration of physical illness," he said. If so, do not wait until tomorrow. No controls blood sugar from now.


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